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*Retirementthe action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work.

The average retirement age varies between 57 years of age, to 66, depending on which country you live in and how you set up your life. However, since 2010 the number of employees predicted to work over the age of 70 years has almost doubled. Studies have shown that since 2016, an increase from £70 billion to an averaged 85 billion pounds of debt is held by the 65+ . That’s a huge 15 billion pound increase in a mere 3 years, with fingers pointed mainly towards pension shortfalls and other unexpected bills such as home and car repairs.

Did you know it’s been proven that you can retire with 1 million euro while knowing absolutely nothing about the markets?! Crazy right? Let me show you how our software can do just that.

First, let’s sum it up to the four main points.

  1. How long one has left till he reaches retirement
  2. Average yearly returns
  3. The original investment sum
  4. Additional deposits throughout time

If one goes about the four main attributes to achieving the ultimate retirement plan, there is no reason for his dream to not come about. Allow us to explain further:

1. How long one has left till he reaches retirement

This of course is a crucial point. One cannot expect to begin saving for his pension at the age of 53 hoping to reach 62 with 1 million euros saved.

Statistics have shown that the longer one is invested in the markets, the lower and lower his chances of loss fall to. When one reaches an average of 15 to 20 years being invested, his chances of loss are almost naught, with the ROI almost certainly being positive.

As we get into more detail on how the software that will help you retire with 1 million euros works, you must understand that there is a strong difference between investing and gambling, both of which are available on the markets and are carried out in the same way, by opening and closing trades, although the difference falls in the asset one is investing in. A start-up company for example, with not much successful potential would be considered a step in the gambling/business world where our software is not programmed to work on and cannot achieve the yield it currently does.

2. Average yearly returns

The biggest component of the software is its ability to compound. In addition, its compounding daily, therefore, with every day that your account closes in profits, the next day the software will be working on a larger equity, ultimately bringing home larger returns.

3. The original investment sum

Although increases can be done along the way, the initial investment sum holds quite some importance since it’s the first boost that the software is given to begin working and with that will be generating returns.

4. Additional deposits throughout time

An increase of funds to the account, stable or one timers, helps push the returns that much further. This stage is crucial to boosting the average amount you’ve been receiving until then. The best time to increase your account would be right before high volatile events. The fluctuation that comes along with these events brings along more opportunity and the software operates with larger lot sizes and bigger percentages, inevitably generating higher returns.

After taking all the above into consideration when looking to invest, you’re left with only the statistics and facts to prove this. Let’s take a look.

Statistics have shown that if you invest a certain amount monthly (depending on the age one begins saving) you can reach 1 million dollars by 65.

20 €110
30 €291
40 €804
50 €2489

*information is only accurate on condition that your investment is producing an average of 10% annually.

                                          Click here to view Compound Interest Calculator

Now, for a quick tip that most of your account managers and bankers don’t tell you.

Most of you are probably wondering to yourselves, this is nice and all, but where can I possibly make an average of 10% yearly?


Every stock exchange in the world has an index that includes all the biggest, most authentic and stable companies in that specific country.

For example, the Dow Jones is the oldest, most well known and used index, combined of America’s top performing companies. Others like these would be the DAX, and FTSE 100, representing Germany (Europe) and the UK.

Such indices can be seen to bring a stable profit averaging around 10% yearly, even when everything else says it shouldn’t.

Technically and statistically speaking, with all the information provided above, if invested correctly, one could follow this simple tactic and walk home at the age of 65 with a nice pension packed away.

For more accurate results, use our profit calculator here.

The calculation is straightforward.

(Your initial deposit x years left till pension) + (Monthly additional deposit x years left till pension) + compounding = ONE MILLION EURO.

Here’s where you’re most likely asking yourself, if it’s this easy, surely someone has figured it out by now and this shouldn’t be news? Why has the world not yet discovered this?

It’s not that this is some sort of top secret information, rather that it’s a fight against human nature and the lack of ability to sit and wait patiently. These calculations are only correct if its working on compounding. If one is constantly withdrawing their funds or changing their monthly deposit amount (to smaller of course), they’ve changed the basis of the equation and the maths is now all wrong.

This of course is besides for the human emotion that’s involved when trading. Watching the markets rise and fall, and rise and fall and to have to sit and wait it out, has to be one of the most difficult things to do. In addition to people often seeing the markets as a ‘get rich overnight’ scheme and tend to invest their funds in a ‘get rich overnight’ ad, turning their investment and savings into a gamble, and like mentioned before, the software does not feed the gambling addiction.

How does Capital Way come into this?

Capital way’s automated software has been proven to produce an average of 7.94%.

With such returns you’ll be reaching your one million in half the time.

Created by top programmers and mathematicians, the software is a self-learning machine that has been generating higher returns every year.

With no knowledge, time, or anxiety coming from the investor, our software is more than capable of helping you achieve your one million euros in time for your retirement.

Check out the softwares statistics published by a third party company, then use our profit calculator and do the maths yourself.

We’re sure we’ll be seeing you soon, click here to leave your details for more information.

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