Queen Elizabeth & Royal Family, Buckingham Palace, London June 2017- Trooping the Colour Prince George William, harry, Kate & Charlotte Balcony for Queen Elizabeth's Birthday June 17 2017 London, UK


Britain’s most favourite celebrities and probably celebrities most favourite celebrities too, the royal family are one of the most popular families around the world.

For those less familiar, let’s dig a little deeper into the direct royal family, heir to the throne, and how they affect the British economy.

Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, sitting on the throne since the ripe age of 25 upon the death of her father King George VI, has been ruling for 68 years. The U.K. has a constitutional monarchy, therefore leaving the rights to pass legislation up to parliament, however still retaining a symbolic role in government for the Queen, not forgetting the powers and privileges that come along with the simple title of being a monarch.

The Queen is married to His Royal Highness Prince Philipe, Duke of Edinburgh. Duke, yes indeed, not king. In accordance with the common law, a princess, when becoming queen, does not make her husband a king, however, a prince, when becoming king, automatically makes his wife queen.

Together they had 4 children, Charles, the heir to the throne, Anne, Andrew, and Edward.

Charles, as we know, was married to who’s said to be one of the world’s most beautiful and kindest women in the world, Princess Diana, who bore 2 beautiful sons, continuing the line to the throne before dying in a tragic car crash in 1997.

Today, we have our top five favourite royals, Her Majesty the Queen (of course),  Prince William and his beautiful wife Duchess Kate, and not to forget Britain’s most loved royal, Prince Henry, and his wife with her new title The Duchess of Sussex Meghan.

This year, the Queen turned 93 and is continuing to surprise everyone over and over with her incredible health and strength and ability to still rule over Britain, just as she did during her peak years.

However, talk of what will happen when Her Majesty dies have come around multiple times, and even rumours of her death at the beginning of 2018 when she failed to show at her traditional Christmas break in Sandringham, and then again for New Year’s day service.

So, what will happen when the Queen dies?

To start, the entire United Kingdom will undergo a traditional 12 day period of national mourning. The Union Jack flag will be flown at half mast throughout the country, and the London Stock Exchange will be closed for at least the day of the Queen’s funeral.

It’s been said that the London Stock could potentially be closed for more than just a single day, costing the U.K. economy billions of pounds, but who wants to engage in trading during such a sad time anyways?

Although much loved by all, many find it hard to come to terms that they personally, regardless of any connection to the family themselves, have been paying for the royal wedding’s. U.K taxpayers were the ones funding both wedding’s, with a total of 24 million pounds for William and Kate, and an absurd 30 million pounds for Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

On the other hand, the benefits of royal weddings were phenomenal. The economic uprise in 2011 for the first royal wedding came up to a total of 107 million pounds, a 20% increase in Anglesey tourism, 600,000 extra visitors to London, and free marketing for the UK worth one billion pounds!

The second wedding, although not for the future king and queen of England, had a grand total economic benefit of 500 million pounds.

With 150 million pounds spent on parties and celebrations around the country, 50 million on the newlywed couples merchandise, and over 200 million on tourism, travel and hotels, the couple sent the U.K.’s economy skyrocketing in 2018.

So although an expensive family to fund, the royals bring in hundreds and thousands of pounds to the U.K a year, in 2017 alone they brought in 1.47 billion pounds!

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