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Capital Way Review May 2019

Capital Way review the sudden rise of the US dollar.

Despite ongoing trade disputes with China, as well as a slight edge down last Friday in Asia,  the U.S. economy continues to grow stronger. The dollar still remains at it’s incredible two-week high following the U.S. housing data release.

Capital Way review is based on the statistics published showing the EUR slip and the USD rebound with the trade war in favour of the USD. Capital Way reviewing the housing market survey. All the changes and movements in the past two weeks will undoubtedly change the European Central Bank’s plans to raise its interest rate, which is still at its all-time low.

And in Capital Way review – Breaking News! China just announced that the Chinese Central Bank will not let the Yuan weaken past 7 per dollar!

Chinese and US tensions increase substantially as the US dollar continues Rising. China sold off its Treasury holdings at the fastest pace in over two years during this past March.

Voters in all 28 members of the European Union will head to the polls for a 4-day election, beginning on Thursday, to elect members to the European Parliament. ELection turnout has been on the decline with only 43% of eligible voters casting their votes in 2014.

In other news, capital way reviews the step-down of ECB president Draghi in October following his eight-year term. More news soon to come.

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