Compound Interest Calculator

Since you discovered Capital Way and seen our outstanding returns on Myfxbook, we bet you’ve been wondering exactly how much profit you could make if you invested today, right? 

Allow us to introduce to you our automated calculator. Installed with Capital Way’s average monthly return, the ability to insert any added scheduled investment, plus a daily compounding, the calculator brings you the most accurate profit accumulation, just like our software. Alas, a device that allows you to calculate exactly how much profit you can make from today, until the end of the period you select.

How it works:

In the first box, please insert the original amount you would like to begin with. (Initial Investment) 

Below, where written ‘Regular Investment’ please insert how much you wish to increase your account by. It may be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. If you do not plan on making additional increases to your account, you may change it to 0. 

If not already inserted, please change the compounding to ‘Daily’. Our software compounds the returns generated every day, assuring the highest returns possible. 

Finally, by ‘Term’, select the amount of time you would like to test the software on your investment. It may be 1 year, 5 years, or 20 years. Regardless, the calculator will break down your investment by initial deposit, added funds, and interest on the investment. 

Once all the details have been inserted, click ‘Calculate’ and study how far your investment can reach with Capital Way. 

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