What Would You Do With €20,000?

Finding yourself with a spare €20,000 at hand is not common. Whether it’s newly inherited money or saved-up pocket money from a young age, often these funds are already in savings accounts or hidden under our mattresses, safely tucked away for a rainy day. But have you thought about all the wonderful ways to invest your money? Why settle with 20,000 euros if you could increase that figure substantially? 

Capital Way has taken the liberty to come up with some of the best ways to invest your money. Keep in mind, some of the fastest ways to double your money are also some of the fastest ways to lose all your money, so choose wisely!

1. Trading over the Capital Markets

Manually investing your funds over the Capital Markets is definitely one of the fastest ways to increase your balance by two-digit percentages in a matter of weeks. Many professional traders are making an average of 18% ROI (Return Of Investment) per month. There are many requirements that come along with manual trading though. These prevent the average person from being able to indulge in its market. Reports predict that only 10% of traders on the Capital Market are profiting. Furthermore, the Capital Markets are open 24/7 and at any moment the markets can flip and change direction. You must be devoted to your trading. You must be aware that any moment away from the screen could be the moment you wave your fund’s bye-bye.

To become a good trader you must be able to make wise decisions, taking into account only the logical side of things and all under extreme pressure. 

Do you think you have what it takes? 

2. Real Estate

The second most common investment is Real Estate. Owning land is a smart way into a very wealthy industry that can never lose its complete value. Although we have recently seen the housing market crash, a house will always be of some value. Prices can only fall so much before rising back up again and overtaking their previous price. Unlike cars and electronics which decrease in value as time goes on, houses become more valuable throughout time. However, with 20k euros you might find it hard buying a home, even with a mortgage. In order to buy a house, you must have a deposit of at least 10% to keep your options open. Whereas competitive offers only sprout at around 25%. Not to mention, the average bank provides a mortgage for approximately 25 years. Until you pay back what’s owed, you won’t be seeing profits for at least 2 decades. 

3. Startups

Startups are one of the biggest things today. As technology evolves, more and more ideas are arising. But how can you be sure you picked the right one? Startups can be a fantastic idea if only you can get a peek into the future and know where it’ll be in 3-5 years. Nonetheless, if you do land on the right startup, you could flip your mere €20,000 into significantly more within the decade. Beware, however, because although a high percentage of startups make it to the second year, the numbers drop drastically as it comes to the third, fourth, and fifth year. 

4. Savings Account at the Bank

For those who live within their own boundaries and do not enjoy taking risks or having a little faith, opening a savings account with the bank is the best idea for you. Keep in mind, the banks only provide you with 0.75% – 1% interest annually on your investment. So yes, although you are literally being guaranteed returns, which is always a red flag in the investment world, it will take you approximately 50 years to make 50%, on the calculation of 1% a year (200 euro), which is rare.  

5. Capital Way

Investing in an A.I (Artificial Intelligence) is the future of investments. While there is much upgrading and advancing to do, algo trading has taken over the financial industry and has a promising future. Whereas most A.I.’s are generating only mere profits, or are only able to set stop losses and take profits on your account, we know a place that has taken automated trading to the next level.  Low-risk percentages and high returns don’t often come together, but at Capital Way, we have managed to uphold a stable monthly average of 5% for 5 years. 2019 has taken the lead reaching new high scores of an averaged 8% monthly ROI.

Diversification is key, especially when you’re new to investing. We suggest you don’t put all your eggs in one basket unless you really know what you’re doing or are receiving assistance from professionals. 

Remember, along with trading in the capital market comes considerable risk and is not suitable for all investors. Investors must take into consideration the possibility of incurring losses and is important to understand the potential consequences of investing. 

Trade wisely and best of luck – Click the image bellow to check our Trial Account

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