The Capital Way Algorithm (CWA in short), is a predefined algorithm software that calculates both fundamental and statistical data in the market, to generate sustainable monthly profits for its investors. The software is steadily monitored and perfected to obtain an untouchable and powerful program, capable of performing transactions completely automatically and with extreme precision. Using many years of statistical data allows the software to calculate several analytical aspects before executing a transaction.  

In short, having an automated software execute transactions that exceed human abilities. There are several aspects that surpass any mortal capabilities, for example, the software runs twenty-four hours a day, 5 days a week, allowing it to detect trading opportunities throughout a longer time frame, something that a human is incapable of physically managing.  Another important advantage of an automated system is the emotional aspect of executing transactions. When humans execute transactions, their emotions may blur what is the right/wrong decision. It is always best to be neutral when it comes to statistical executions.

Our system is connected to a virtual power server VPS which is part of a huge server farm located in Tokyo and London. Server farms are used by almost all digital and online companies, including companies that specialise in the Algo Trading Field. In case of a power failure, the computer will locate the issue immediately and make sure that the system can run with a backup until further testing and corrections can be made.

Clients have complete access to view their accounts 24/7 from both their computers and smartphones.

You can view both the full account history and the live trades being executed and can save account statements to personally be able to track and follow the account.

The metatrader4 app is available on both Google PlayStore and Apple Store for your convenience.

There are a few investment options for your convenience.

You can try the Trial Account – CLICK HERE to see what the trial account offers you.

You can also start with a full account, where the minimum is 3000. Or choose from our different account sizes and options here – Account Plans

Capital Way does NOT charge any clients for taxes, taxes are subject to your country of residence, and only once you declare your return. (You can use the account’s statements to declare)


It cannot be assumed that every transaction will be a successful one. Although our software has proven itself throughout the years and does work on many fundamentals that allow it to be as successful as it is, all investments come with an element of risk, some more than others. There are about 30% of transactions which are unsuccessful, usually with the purpose of generating more future income and ultimately allowing the account to be profitable in the long run. The software works on the lowest risk possible and does not execute transactions that are uncalculated or that are not predefined. Being a successful investor means knowing that sometimes there are both winning and losing trades that all complete a bigger picture.  See Our Past Results

Clients funds are not locked in, and therefore have absolutely no commitment to their investments or to the company. You can withdraw your funds at any time, any day with a simple click of a button.  

We truly believe that the software’s success will speak for itself, and show you that ultimately the best decision for your financial security is to invest long-term.

With just a few simple steps you can get your account up and running, allowing your funds to start working for you. After signing up you should receive a welcome email which will include your username and password.

This username and password will allow you to log onto your personal area where you will be able to make all of your transactions and track your account.

You can fund your account using both a credit/debit card and a wire/bank transfer. Deposits via Bitcoin are also accepted, simply request our eWallet address.

After you activate your account with either a Trial Account or with one of our Fuller Accounts, you will then be able to immediately start seeing transactions opening and closing in your account.

You will also be assigned to a personal account manager who will assist you in creating your ultimate financial portfolio.

The system carries out on average 8-15 transactions per day, earning approximately 1-1.5 euro per hour. (On a standard account) Accumulated, this can lead to astronomical returns and success. Keep in mind that the software is running 24 hours a day 5 days a week, making it constant, detecting opportunities and generating reliable returns.  

Our algorithmic software has been developed on a basis of statistics and technical analysis. The software trades exclusively on the currency exchange market, generating profits over the small fluctuations of the EUR/USD currency pair.

There are several aspects that lead to the software’s success;

  1. Absolutely no human intervention – All transactions are calculated and executed mathematically.
  2. The software is able to run 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. As long as the market is open, the software is running.
  3. Works on the EUR/USD pair, which is the most traded currency in the world (40% of all currencies traded is the EUR/USD pair).
  4. No emotions getting in the way of transactions being executed, rather all solely on statistical data.
  5. Precision and speed that surpasses human capabilities.
  6. Detecting trading opportunity at all times, allowing it to open and close transactions instantly  .Claim Your Trial account Today!

Capital Way works on a systematic policy that states that the company only generates an income when it’s clients generate a return. Meaning; it is in the company’s best interest to make sure its clients are generating a return on their investments, to allow us to generate a return as well.   Check our investment plans

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