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investment focus

Algotrading is short for Algorithmic Trading. Algorithmic Trading is a predefined, pre-engineered and pre-developed software based on rules, statistics and other relevant analysis. Our software, just like other softwares, whether they’re for computer games or an automated investment plan like ours, is a program that follows a specific set of instructions based on an underlying algorithm. These instructions are the result of both previous and current relevant data.

The aim of the algorithmic trading program is to dynamically identify profitable trading opportunities in the market and place transaction orders. Our software calculates both fundamental and technical analysis as an execution methodThe main benefits of using an algorithmic software are the speed and precision in which it executes transactions. The speed and frequency in which our software uses to place transactions are impossible to match by any human trader, even a seasoned experienced expert. Given the advantage of higher accuracy, lightening-fast execution speed, and it’s ability to work around the clock 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, it surpasses any other investment option that requires effort on the clients part.

In addition, seeing as how the software works on years of statistical data and history, it is qualified and equipped to handle various market rises and falls, and generate profits on both directions that the market may lean towards.

Who usually uses Algorithmic trading software?

In the past, the main consumers consisted of hedge funds, proprietary companies, and banks. Given their size, most of these entities tend to create their own programs and softwares varying on their specific needs and preferences. It is now available to you, as a private and interested investor as well.  In contrast to most Algorithmic trading softwares, we do not sell our software. Meaning, we know it’s value, and just as a successful company like Coca-Cola would never give away their special recipe, neither would we. Instead, we allow clients to invest using our software, have complete and total transparency to their accounts and to all of the transactions that the software executes in real time, as well as full account statements and histories.  

Algotrading within the foreign exchange market
Using one asset to trade both directions allows you to focus all strategies on one proven currency pair. For this reason, we work solely on the EUR/USD pair which represent the two largest economies in the world – The United States and Europe. This is also the most liquid currency pair, with constant activity providing relatively high levels of volatility, which brings great trading opportunities for the software.

foreign exchange

The foreign exchange market is the hub where currencies are traded. There is not a country or person that needs not have some sort of currency exchanged in their lifetime. The foreign exchange market is where the transactions are made internationally, between different currencies.

The crucial need for currencies to be exchanged is the main reason why the forex market is the largest, most liquid, financial market in the world. It surpasses other markets by far, even the stock market. According to the Bank for international settlements, foreign-exchange trading increased to an average of 5.3 Trillion Dollars a day.

The major hubs and financial centers around the world are London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Sydney, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and across almost every time zone. Every economy in the world depends on the changes and fluctuations of all currencies.

fX market vS other markets

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