trial account

trial account

want to get started, but still unsure of how to build your financial portfolio correctly?

Capital Way now provides the ability for clients, to begin with, a ‘Trial Account’ of only €300. This trial account offers the client the option to evaluate the software and decide if Capital Way is the investment plan for you.

How does it work?

The minimum sum for the software to run with is €3,000. When speaking of the trial account, CW allows you to begin with a subsidised sum of €300. Once activating the account, Capital Way will complete the account’s required investment as a credit fund (€2,700), rounding up the account to the minimum of €3,000 in effect, allowing the software to execute trades as normal.

The client will be given a 30-day trial where during this time he may ask questions, follow the account movement and test the potential of the software. During this time your funds are 100% guaranteed, therefore meaning the account is risk-free.

The purpose of the trial account is to give our clients the opportunity to fully evaluate our software before coming to a final decision if this is the investment plan for them. 

terms of trial account

  1. The benefit for the client is that after the 30 days trial, once the client completes to €3,000, all the profits made will remain in the account, even though most of the profit gained is on our capital (Capital Way’s success fee will be deducted)
  2. The period of the trial can be discussed further with your senior account manager.
  3. Should you choose to close your account and not add funds, only your initial deposit will be returned to you.
  4. The credit of €2,700 that Capital Way provides cannot be withdrawn by the client.
  5. There is no contract or commitment. Your funds are liquid at all times.

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